Junior Section

The much-anticipated start to the Junior Training program is set to commence on Friday 19th April 2023.

This season Barnt Green CC will be partnering with highly qualified and experienced coaches from TSR and Complete Cricket once again. We are also very pleased to announce the involvement of a number of Barnt Green 1st XI and Senior players to Friday Training.

With regards kit please refer to our suppliers website - https://www.hawkcricket.com/barnt-green-cc (please factor in delivery times).

We would like to remind that all registration forms and subscriptions (https://www.barntgreencc.com/payments) must be completed and paid prior to attendance.

We have a number of vacancies, as below, that we urgently require to assist with the running of the junior section:

- Coaches/Managers - U9 and U10 age groups (including All Stars & Dynamos) and Girls under 11s and 13s

These roles are very rewarding and provide opportunity to obtain relevant qualifications.

For details on these roles please follow this link (https://www.barntgreencc.com/a/new-member-info-61711.html) for the appropriate Junior contacts.

Anyone who is interested in joining the Club please follow this link (https://www.barntgreencc.com/a/new-member-info-61711.html) to make contact. This must be actioned prior to joining the Club or attending any sessions.

We look forward to seeing you all at the Club shortly.

Chair of Junior Cricket Sub-Committee


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